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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Turin's Opening Ceremonies

Let the Games Begin.

Athens has nothing to worry about. The 2004 Summer Games Opening Ceremonies were the best I've seen. What a letdown to see Turin's Opening Ceremonies. In a word--boring. I've seen the same routines a zillion times over. Maybe I expected too much from a country who gave the world da Vinci and Botticelli, Verdi and Puccini, law, aquaducts and good roads.

The producers promised us Rhythm, Passion and Speed and what we got was Clumsy, Uninspired and Lethargic.
Why on earth were we listening to disco? Was Pavarotti in Las Vegas? While the parade of countries took place, disco songs were the background music. Athletes were waving "hello" and Gloria Gaynor was singing "Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now 'cause you're not welcome anymore". Didn't anyone listen to the lyrics?

The acrobatic 'dancers' hanging from the Olympic rings performed in oblivion--their size (in comparison to the ginormity of the rings) and their costumes served as camouflage making it next to impossible to even see what they were doing without zoom binoculars and a front row seat. And the performers with the huge lightbulbs on their heads? Apparently they were supposed to represent snow but that was lost in translation for me. It looked like a Kraftwerk video from the 80s.

The Botticelli Birth of Venus inspired lady in the clamshell was pretty though.

All I can say is that I hope the actual Olympic events will compensate for the disjointed and lacklustre Opening Ceremonies.

Kinda neat that Albania and Greece were marching right near each other in the opening ceremony eh. I wonder if any polite comments were made back and forth?

I missed the opening ceremony so thanks to you and Mel, I see I didn't miss anything! I never watch the Winter Olympics for some reson. I just can't stand all that snow and ICE. It's the Jamaican blood I guess! (You saw Cool Runnings?)

Haha Deviousdiva, Cool Runnings was an awesome movie. I love the Winter Olympics.

Don't Albania and Greece always march near each other? Greece is always first. =p

Still, I am trying to figure out exactly what the organizers were smoking, it must have been some good stuff! Industrial, post modern, flames, and...COWS! Well, I'll sure as hell never forget it, thats for sure.

I liked Peter Gabriel, and the torch lighting was nice. But yeeshk! I'm a bit embarrassed for them, after reading all the press about it today.

zardoz says:

i would agree it was kinda of
sureal but , taking in mind the
mentality of the industrial north
of italy , aesthetically i think
that it was represetative of them.

=== zardoz ===

Normally Greece is first except in 2004 when they marched last as the host nation. The delegations parade in alphabetical order according to the language of the host country. So, when Afghanistan participates, they will follow Greece in most cases.

Missed it nothing. I intentionally skipped it. Sorry, but I've never thought highly of the olympics. I'm waiting for it to end more than anything.

Another paltry and bucolic performance by the dandy Italians. A disapointing and lucklustr opening. They even got the alphabet skewed, countries did not march according to strict alphabetical order. Another shambles by the Opera singers, no better can be expected from them, everything they do, these days, mirrors the behaviour and personality of "make me laugh Berlusconi", just as this multibillionaire but intellectual pigmy, fancies himself as political Jesus Christ,( I am expecting mobs of christians gathering in St. Peter's Square in reaction to the clown's blasphemy) and compares himself to Bonaparte, whilst heaping compost on his political opponents.
In a remake of La Strada , the paliancho Berlusconi could steal the role of the Circus Ursus.

I've been avoiding the Olympics totally. The only effect it's having in our house is that my mom's really pissed off that ET1 have taken off 'The Young & The Restless' for it....

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