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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

Greek Issues Chat Room Now Open!

I have good news. Not only has OTE decided to fix whatever was wrong with my ADSL connection after being without internet for 4 days this week, but a fellow blogger, Eff25, has created a chat room for us.

I talked to him about my desire to chat with bloggers and commenters alike in real time because I like the immediacy of being able to discuss issues on my blog or on other blogs. So, now I have a place where other bloggers and commenters can discuss, rant, and interact in real time.

The room is hosted on the Everywherechat.com server. If you don't see the room there listed by opening the home page, you can click on the direct link in the sidebar and it should open the room for you. All you need to do is register a nickname for yourself and join the room from the list or from the links in my sidebar. Eff has also created a blog with the links there as well. I will usually be in the room early in the morning before I go to work and in the evenings after work so come for a visit! Even if you don't have any Greek issues to discuss, just come for a real time conversation. Hope to see some of you there!

A great idea, and nice to see Eff back.

Very cool. Got it set up in my MIRC client, since the browser version wants to kill Netscape, apparently.

Thanks eff!

Excellent Mel. I'm in the room now just waiting for visitors. LOL I'll usually have it open early in the mornings or after 7pm or so at night. Hope to you see you in there! (You too Mike!)

Congrats. As always, your blog is a hub of interesting, informative & groundbreaking information.

I'll try and poke around on the chat occasionally.

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