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Sunday, January 08, 2006 


About 5 minutes ago, most of Greece experienced another earthquake. The latest reports say it measured 6.4 on the Richter scale and lasted 13.4 seconds. The epicentre was about 215 miles from Athens...off the coast of Crete.

I have experienced tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes, blizzards but nothing scares me as much as an earthquake. There are no warnings. You can't see them coming. You can't prepare for them. I feel like I'm being held hostage on the 6th floor. It's not a matter of just opening the door and running onto the street.

Every time I feel an earthquake, I'm wondering if it's just a precursor for a bigger one. To say I'm nervous is a gross understatement. I will no doubt break out in hives again. At least I have my son who is much calmer than me. By the time I left my bedroom, he was already under the massive oak dining room table telling me to join him. My husband was even calmer. He did nothing. Just as he had when the 1999 quake struck and the one in Zakynthos over 2 years ago. It'll take at least all the forces of nature to get him to move faster than a snail's pace.

My son has already put his guinea pig cage under the table in the event that there are more quakes and aftershocks to follow today. As for me, I'm feigning calmness. If I had a tent, I'd be camping in the street for the rest of the day.

I don't really think we can learn anything new about this earthquake except it appears to have been upgraded to a 6,9r quake that occured in the sea between Kythira and Xania in Kriti. It was felt as far away as Cyprus and Egypt.

Well even I'm having problems collecting my thoughts at the moment. I'm waiting for the feeling to return to my stomach!

So enjoy the rest of the day! Glad you're OK!

Okay, troops. This was a big one, but rather far geographically to really bother us. Not anything like the 1981 Corinthian Gulf quake. If you live in an apartment building, then it can be scary. Othwerwise, take a deep breath and think nice thoughts. One more under our belt.

I was writing in my blog when I felt my chair roll and saw my book case wobble.

Then I proceeded with my plan to research Greece blogs. I was rather surprized to see a quake report so soon!

Anyway, I have added your blog to my list on my blog. Please take a look and maybe reciprocate?


I've lived through many...

Kalamata 1985?, Athens 1986 or 1987?, Athens 1999, and this one.

And a special extra bonus, I got to be in California a few times when they had em there.

So, I'm used to em. My philsophy is this. If it's going to be so big that it kills you, you will know right away.

If, though, it's swaying, and shaking and you are still standing wondering what's going on, you will make it.

Look at Northridge in the 1990s. Whole apartment building sunk into the ground. I'm sure those people knew immediately. No wondering...

Aftershocks are even smaller. It's over for awhile in Greece.

But, they seem to come in Threes. Pakistan, Greece, and now?

I'm betting my money on Japan, or Mexico.. I hope I'm wrong.. But in the next few months, we will have another one somewhere in the world. (quoted on Seawitch's site by the Scruffy American)

I don't know that being out on the street would be much safer. The building could topple on you, the street could open up. Earthquakes, I'm with you on the feeling. Being on the 6th floor (we are too) doesn't feel that safe. But being anywhere doesn't feel safe, in my opinion.

My biggest nightmare? To be in the elevator when one hits. Yeeshk. I just really hope it doesn't start a chain reaction along the faults in the area, like some of the geologists suggested.

The first news I saw was Athens was hit by a major quake (shortly after it hit). Damn, to think I only know you, Scruffy, DeviousDiva, and EllasDevil via blogging, but I was worried about you all!

Seawitch..it's pretty sad that I have to learn you're ok after the earthquake on your BLOG. Geez Louise. You could Skype me or send me an email. I'm relieved to know you're all ok. Did anything get broken? Are you getting aftershocks today? Here in Nova Scotia...the weather is unseasonably warm. Not even one snowflake to be found. Please give my nephew and bro-in-law a big hug for me. LOVE YOU.

Your twinster
The Bee

Ellas...yep..it was upgraded to a 6.9 and it's 215 km away from Athens not 215 miles. I'm fine right now but I'm wondering if I should go to bed with my boots and jacket on just in case? LOL

Ted...I never experienced the '81 quake thank God. I know you've got the right attitude..."one more under our belt." ...I still feel more like "one more that I survived".

Paros...Hi and welcome to my blog. I wish we could have met under non-quake circumstances though. LOL I will check out your blog once I'm done with my comment here.

Scruff...I can't tell you how many times I scan the news and mentally register quake reports elsewhere. I think about which fault lines they affect, whether it'll be the domino effect on other lines or if they just relieve the pressure from having one huge quake. I'm not a seismologist and I know I shouldn't be doing it but I can't seem to help myself. The only thing anyone has ever said to me that keeps me from having a heart attack during a quake is what my husband said to me after the '99 quake..."they don't build up. They start off weak and end up weak. Or they start off strong and end strong."

Mel...maybe being on the street isn't any safer but psychologically, I just think it is because I don't have slabs of concrete directly above me waiting to crash down. The elevator and subway scenario during an earthquake is THE scariest thing for me too. As for only 'knowing' us through blogging...I have this to say: With blogs, I know what you ate for dinner the night before, the things you think about, where you were on the weekend. I can't say that I know all that about my offline friends. I immediately thought of you, Diva, Ellas, Ted, and Scruffy too. "Knowing" is just knowing. :-) I'm very happy to hear that you're all intact.

Bee...at 7:30am on a Sunday, you're telling me you'd have been awake and on Skype??? LOL Who are we kidding? I suppose I could have emailed you but I did blog it and you did find out about it so it's all the same right? I'll give K & J a hug from you and we love you too!

I'm glad you're OK. I was in several Earthquakes in California,one of them big and scary, but never a 6.9 on the richter scale! That must have been frightening scary!
Was there any property damage in your area?

It is good to hear that all of your family is fine. I can't think of anything scarier than a natural disaster that you can't predict.

Whoah, I hope you guys are OK. Earthquakes are so freaky. I've only felt a mild one and that was enough for me.

I thought of all my bloggie friends in Greece too. Glad we are all ok. Take care you guys.
In the 1999 one, people had emergency bags packed with torch, money and ID etc. Should we be doing that this time? I don't think so but does anyone know more about the "domino effect" they were on about yesterday? It worried me a bit.

I'm glad to hear that you are OK.


As am I.

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