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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Germany's "Muslim Test"

German Citizenship Test: Discrimination or Necessity?

Last March, I blogged about the need for culture-immersion courses for new immigrants in light of the honour killings and abuse of children committed by foreigners in western countries. In a district of Germany, it looks like they're trying to implement something similar. "Discussion Guidelines" for new citizenship applicants attempts to gauge their attitudes towards behaviour which is considered criminal in Germany but sometimes tolerated if not promoted in their native countries and/or religion. The 30 question test given to applicants is under fire from the Muslim population.

They believe that these questions are for the sole purpose of excluding them for citizenship. As far as I know, this test will be administered to ALL new applicants, not just Muslims. I believe it is a necessary process because I really cannot stand to read anymore news articles about women being murdered for 'disgracing' the family and children being beaten because it's an acceptable form of punishment in their native countries. If a simple questionnaire can prevent more women and children from abuse in our countries, then it's worth people's feelings getting hurt. I can say this because I wouldn't object to any such questionnaire if I were emigrating to a new country. In fact, I would expect it.

If I were to immigrate to Indonesia and I plan on smoking marijuana while I'm there because my country allows it, I would think the Indonesian government has every right to ask me about my beliefs pertaining to drug use since it is a taboo in their society and chances are I will force them to spend quite a bit of money to prosecute and incarcerate me. Likewise, if I were applying for Saudi Arabian citizenship and they asked me what I thought about forsaking my rights to vote, work and drive without my husband's permission then I'd fully expect them to reject me based on my answers. And they would be right to do so because it's obvious I will not adapt or integrate into their culture.
The questions, which have been leaked to the German media, cover a range of subjects. A few examples:

How do you view the statement that a woman should obey her husband, and that he can beat her if she doesn't?

You learn that people from your neighbourhood or from among friends or acquaintances have carried out or are planning a terrorist attack - what do you do?

Some people hold the Jews responsible for all the evil in the world, and even claim they were behind the attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York. What is your view of this claim?

Imagine that your son comes to you and declares that he's a homosexual and would like to live with another man. How do you react?

Are Muslims complaining because they know what their answers will be? If so, then all the more reason to take the test. Or are they complaining on behalf of ALL foreigners? If so, why aren't the Chinese, Greeks, Russians, Japanese and Filipino applicants voicing their disdain for the new measure?

I wonder if the concept of democracy, freedom and free speech can ever be compatible with Islam. If so, then all the world's problems will be solved I think.

To provide a lasting solution to this man made problem , that violates the order of nature ,is simple in its conception but cumbersome in its execution in today's , politically corrupt and venal social climate.

The first thing that ought to be undertaken is to return to one's roots. This requires a change to the concept of Nationality.

Nationality is blood and soil.

The fact that I might give birth to a child in my neighbors house does not signify that my child is part of my neighbors family, nor does it entail that my neighbor must leave an inheritance for he/she. It is shambolic that the son or daughter of two negros, two arabs, or two mixed races be considered Europeans simply because they were born physically on the continent.

Two hundreds years ago , the archaic concept of nationality may have had validity because the majority of the people lived and died in the place of their birth. Today , with the the means of mass communication and mass transportation, it is no longer viable.

With 8% of the world's total inhabitants, Europe with its curent legislation of open doors can not conceviably forge a future with its identity.

The test the Germans are introducing to screen the muslims is laughable and totally meaningless.

The number of muslims settlers in Germany has crossed the green line, where its critical mass is of such force and growing, that more intelligent ideas are necessary if Germany is to stay German and retain its identity.

The fact that other racial groups are not protesting , against this innocuous test, is an indication that their physical numbers have not exceeded the " minority manageable factor" . Once they do, the protests will multiply.

In Barcelona there is a China town, twenty years ago no one knew what a China town was. Today the chinese enclave numbers 80000 sinics. The Chinese red flag flies from the top of their silly shops, chinese lettering adorns hoarding, billboards. Spanish laws and customs are foreign. The Chinese living in the enclave, in possesion of multiple EU nationalities, do not need to speak Spanish. Special privileges have been obtained from the authorities for their autonomous "republic". There is pressure being exerted on the authorities for the flight and inflow of chinese nationals into the "enclave" to be "visa free". In other words, a chinese home from home.

In 1970 there were 6 or 8 muslim places of worship in the whole of Germany. By 1989 the number had ascended to 3000.

Why is there such a furore about the muslims in Europe now ? Are we not suppose to be all the same, according to the official sick propaganda ? Don't we have the same nationality ? Why are we rebelling against the official dogma ?

With a little bit of tolerance,
love , understanding, dialogue all differences can be swept under the carpet; that is how they indoctrinated the youth and future generations. What is the matter ?
Has the brainwashing run out of water ?

As far as I know, there are no written tests that can determine one's "Germaness". Those tests come from blood and genetics and are easily done. All this rubbish is just that, smelly rubbish to appear hard-lined when in reality it will do nothing in the end. The only answer is deportation of the foreigners and impregnation of the native women by native men. Most of the problems will be solved then. All these words on the couldas, whouldas, shouldas are a waste of everyone's time. The answer is staring us right in the face.

You know, any country should have the right to ask questions like this when it comes to potential new citizens. Muslim countries have every right to offer the same test.

Sooner or later, Muslims are going to have to understand that wanting to integrate with the West means a whole lot more than just living there and benefitting from the lifestyle the West offers.

Being someone who regards all religions suspiciously to start with, I have to question a religion that will so easily condemn its women - even women who have done nothing wrong. I think the ONLY reason Islam spread to the extent it did was because it fulfilled a need that some people had - a need to enforce the patriarchal system and subjugate women. Not to mention the heaven filled with virgins and beer.
Of course, that is a whole different topic, just the one question on the survey made me think of it. That is certainly a behavior that can't be brought into the West, I'll fight it to the death. Women have come too damn far to allow that kinda crap in their society.

If it was not for the poisonous dishes of multicult. communism , egalitarianism, antiracism, and all the toxic fumes emanating from corrupt and sham democratic principles, that have been fed and showered on the hypnotized European populace and their lobotomized leadership , what nation in Europe would have been busy wasting valuable time discussing muslim threats, muslim cartoons, test for immigrants and other vapid and civilization destruct exercises to the fatal detriment of its own people ?

The problem lies with the terminally ill leadership that has hijacked the reins of power on the continent. These leadership was spawned from the Satan seeds of the generation of the 60's, a weak, efeminate, morally castrated generation suffused with leftist ideologies and cancer bearing concepts of nation and territorial sovereignty. They can not solve the problems which themselves created. And the coming generation is no better than their forebears.
The fateful confrontation will eventuate in the near future, no matter how many passports , residences , and assimilation programmes for non assimilables it is ofered to the immigrant deluge , at a horrific price for the European.
From the crucible of fire its determination to retain its own identity and culture will be severely tested and the outcome will be either re vindication of its values , culture and identity or deracination and whithering away.

When a nation starts by granting papers, documents , permits ,privileges and nationalities to all an sundry , based on some macabre and nationally treasonous philosophies , that nation's desire to continue its existence deserves to be questioned .

A religion of peace... Hmmm??

zardoz says :

were going overboard on this

greeces immigration services
dont hand out questionnaires
they have no sensitivity
on their problems(immigrants problems) as a goverment .!

anybody seen any muslims
or westerners in the streets
of athens ,parading and demonstrating. ??

even the natives that
demonstrate ,who are
ripped off , left jobless
without benefits,
does the goverment flinch?

i think the germans are
joking , just like an old
friend of jewish descent said
a story of jews getting off
asked the purpose of their visit..?


How do you view the statement that a woman should obey her husband, and that he can beat her if she doesn't?

I can't agree with this statement on the whole. Yes, a woman should obey her husband. Otherwise, why did she get married? However he should never beat her, just withold sex from her until she see's the light

You learn that people from your neighbourhood or from among friends or acquaintances have carried out or are planning a terrorist attack - what do you do?

Depends if anyone got hurt. If you can count robbing banks as terrorist activity then I'd just offer to keep quiet for a share of the loot

Some people hold the Jews responsible for all the evil in the world, and even claim they were behind the attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York. What is your view of this claim?

It's not a view I share but I defend their right to have their own opinion on the matter

Imagine that your son comes to you and declares that he's a homosexual and would like to live with another man. How do you react?

I'd nail him to a door and belt him with a wet floor mop obviously...... although........ this man, is he rich? Does he have his own house, hair and teeth? And would he be in a position to look after the father in law financially? If you can answer yes to my questions then he'd be welcomed with open arms

So... would they let me in?

I think the questions make sense since they are asking them of all new immigrants, not just Muslims.

The correct approach would be to hand out questionnaires and application forms asking the basic question :

How soon can you leave our country and go back to your own countries ?
How can the state assist you in moving back ?
How much in financial assistance you require for transportation and moving expenses ?
How much of a bonus do you think you require to expedite your exit from Germany ?
If you don't want to go to your own country, where else would you like to settle ?

If no satisfactoy answers are received to these basic questions then a summary deportation or expel order should be swiftly carried out.

A warning should also be issued to foreign governments to stop exhorting and aiding their nationals to transgress German borders , failing which will ensure dire consequences such as sanctions , cut of financial aid, financial grants and other monetary gifts to the offending nation.

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