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Saturday, March 11, 2006 

In Praise of Photo Blogs

The blogosphere is a great place to travel the world. When I was little, I used to read all my father's National Geographic magazines and from them, I caught the travel bug. They probably are a large part of the reason that I had no problem to hop a plane and try living in Greece. With encyclopedias, you learn the history. With photos, places come alive.

I still roam the world through photos...most often, the photoblogs I stumble across on the Internet. It's made me into somewhat of a voyeur...peeking inside people's lives around the world. Legends of unboilable fish in a pond of Nigeria or seaside chapels in a blogger's 'outpost' are just some of examples of what you can find in the blogosphere.

One of the best photoblogs I've seen is from Eagersnap, a Dane who had the good fortune of living and working in India for the past 6 months. The photos are amazing and you can follow his journey throughout India as he gets blessed by an elephant and visits a Portuguese village inside India. It's definitely worth a click.

Witchy...Dad still talks about how we wrecked his collection of National Geographics. I blame you of course. I think the youngest sibling also contributed to the torn covers and cut-out photos. Didn't she sell them all once in a yard sale? As for me, I was bitten by the travel bug when I watched those lovely British movies. Remember the Jewel in the Crown mini-series? And the Thorn Birds?

Bee...That wasn't me who wrecked his NGs...it must have been one of dad's other by-products...most likely the youngest one.
I made Mr. SeaWitch order Jewel and the Crown and the Thorn Birds on DVD...even if I know I'll be the only one watching them. LOL But my travel bug definitely hopped off the pages of National Geographic.

Respectful thanks!

I would recommend this blog. It's written by a Greek couple who is currently spending a year in India for business. They post plenty of photos at a time and reading it you feel as you're there with them.

Why am I always the one to blame?? Ok so maybe I cut out some of the pictures for my school projects but I am NOT the only one to blame.I NEVER sold his NG magazines at a yard sale !!! They were tossed out when we moved and he has complained over that throughout the years.I never feel the need to travel as I am so content with living in my own little fantasy world lol.It is cheap travel and I can travel anywhere without the hassle of leaving the comforts of my living room,,,besides I can experience travel through my 3 OLDER siblings,, lucky me as I never have to pack :-)

I'd totally agree. I love photo blogs and photography, especially when you need a pick me up. I'll have to check out these sites.

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