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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

It's Best to Let People Think You're a Fool

“We see that the forces of darkness are undermining this country and are trying to remove Christianity from Greece and create a new order in our society so that in a few years nobody remembers God or the Church.”--Archbishop Christodoulos (Kathimerini Dec.13, 2005)

I honestly think the Church has a reference book on "Hyperbolic Retorts" and whenever the priesthood find itself on the wrong end of a court summons or caught in a power struggle or scandal, they use a quote from it. Either that or they're playing too many video games and watching too many vampire movies.

Our staff do not have the knowledge to verify whether a sports shoe is counterfeit or not,” he said. “We need help from the companies.” (Athanassios Skordas, the Development Ministry’s secretary for consumer affairs) Kathimerini Dec. 13, 2005

I'm going to hlep Mr. Skordas out here for free because sometimes, I really am just THAT nice.

1. If you see someone selling what looks like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Dior goods on a cardboard box on the corner of any street, I think it's safe to say they're knock-offs.

2. If name brands are misspelled (ie., SONYE, Guci, Dolce & Gabana) then you can presume they're knock-offs.

3. If music CDs are sold from people carrying backpacks, inserted into plastic envelopes with low res cover art, then you're looking at a pirated CD

4. If a movie hasn't even arrived in Greece in the cinemas and it's on sale at the laiki or from other street vendors, then it's a pirated DVD.

5. Hire new staff who have actually graduated from elementary school to work for you.

I read an article recently that said that the recent Spiderman movie premiered at only two cinemas in the United States (One in New York City, and one in Los Angeles), and each of these two showings used a special film that had an identifier utilized in it so any copies would easily be identified by the producer as one of those copies.

Well, by the next morning, Spiderman videos were circulating around the world with remarkably those special identifiers in the movie.

Wow, those scammers are good. I just wish they could work on getting a better copy without the heads in the way. (I'm kidding!)

Of course, I don't buy any of those movies because I don't believe the quality is any good, and certainly don't want to support terrorism. In America, some say that the money from pirate videos goes to Al Qaeda. Whether that is true or not is uncertain, but it certainly gives me one more reason not to buy any.

Well the pirate movie people have been around for a long time. I'm not really a movie person so I don't have time for pirate copies as if I'm going to watch a movie, it has to be top quality with Greek subtitles (which the pirates dont have I think).

Who said that the people who download movies and then burn them onto DVD (as is how most of them get onto the market) are supporting terrorism?? Although saying that, I can see why it'd be cool for people to believe that! It'd stop them buying the pirate copies!

Yes, I am sure that every kid who uses BitTorrent is supporting terrorism. Yet we aren't allowed to say that everyone who drives an SUV in the city is supporting terrorism.

I think the politicians and the Archbishop went to school with Bush. They are all starting to sound the same.

I think Arianna Huffington did say that SUV purchases cause terrorists to become richer. They did some video in California during the elections when Arnold won. Not sure if it's true but if I had more money, I'd probably still buy an SUV.

When the communists succeed ( they will fail just as they failed in the former USSR)to separate church from State, Greece will cease to be a nation for Greeks.It will be be turned into an international play pen for crooks, villains,an assorted transnational criminals. A stomping ground for degeneracy,libertinism and debauchery ; an erzat tower of Babel. That is what a Hellas without orthodoxy is destined for. But don't despair, Greece was born as a nation out of the bossom of orthodoxy and it shall not perish, in spite of the frightful odds against it. The Church and the state are intertwined and it is the essence of Hellenism and the Hellenic state. We are living in dark and somber times and satanic forces are converging on Greece ; Globalism, international Democracy ( not Greek Democracy) loss of our sovereignty to the EU,erosion of greek identity, rootless cosmopolitanism, namby pamby administrations, moral defilement . Our greek values are being subverted and trampled upon on a daily basis.
The dissipated and stagnant swamp of greek politics is incompetent to resist the onslaught. Politicians ruled by the call of the purse,mired in contagious corruption, stooped to their basest levels, devoid of spiritual values and patriotism are as good as roulette croupiers in a gambling den. The church is the only beacon of hope and reivindication in the miasma of contemporary Greece.
May God grant Christodolou a long healthy life , spiritual strength and providential inspiration to lead orthodoxy in the troubled times ahead,in the eternal struggle against the forces of luciferian nihilism.

It will be be turned into an international play pen for crooks, villains,an assorted transnational criminals. A stomping ground for degeneracy,libertinism and debauchery ; an erzat tower of Babel. That is what a Hellas without orthodoxy is destined for.

Just like Greek politics, that's what Greece is WITH Orthodoxy...or haven't you been reading the news in Greece lately? Bishops, priests and the archbishop himself have been mired in scandals involving drugs, prostitution, theft, embezzlement and fraud.

Christodoulos doesn't need to blame sinister forces for the mess the Orthodox Church is in. He needs to clean the debauchery out of the institution entrusted to him if the Church is to survive the "troubled times ahead".

Boogeymen did it! KAF KAF....., Remember what I said, "Never trust a man with a beard who wears women's clothing".

Interesting post, Barbarossa. I sometimes wonder if religion isn't under attack from political correctness. In the UK it's damn hard to call the celebration of Christ's birth (if, indeed, that is what it is now) 'Christmas'. In France there's a headscarf ban. Religion and the state have been separated in Turkey and, I think, in Spain. However, I think most people would regard Turkey as being a Muslim country and Spain a Catholic one.

I know there were several 'famous' people called Barbarossa but I always think of that particular member of the janissary who was hardly an exemplary figure to the Greek 'cause'. In fact, wasn’t he a bit of a pirate himself?

lol - just remembered, I once bought a great baseball cap made by 'Abidas' - always wondered about that one!

Beautiful post Barabarosa.

Mike ; Was there a pirate called Barbarossa ?.

I know of and read the life of one Frederick Barbarossa , holy roman emperor from 1155 to 1190.

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