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Monday, July 10, 2006 

Postcard from the Great White North

It's now been exactly a month that I've been in Canada and one of the things I just love the most about being back here is the scenery and wildlife.
Since I'm living 30km outside the city, I get to enjoy the drive in every day. Nothing but green forests, lakes so calm they look like mirrors and the odd porcupine and rabbit on the edges of the tree lines. After 8 years of honking horns, noisy motorbikes, and noisy neighbours, it's just so relaxing to appreciate the tranquility that country life has to offer. The noisiest neighbours I have right now are the bullfrogs in the pond at the end of the lane.

Even domesticated dogs seem to have it better here. Almost everyone seems to have one and they all sit in the front seat of their owner's cars if they can get away with it. My own dog is enjoying all the attention every time she's on her daily walks and she's making friends fast with all the four-legged critters on her street except my sister's black lab, Jackson. I guess she's finally met her match when it comes to begging for scraps from the table and she doesn't like it one bit. Once we get settled in our own house next month, she'll resume her place next to my chair without any begging competition and maybe the two of them might be able to make amends.

By the end of this week, I hope to have some photos to share with you of my corner of the Great White North--if I can only remember where I put my digital camera.

Hi Seawitch,

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zardoz says:

xmm a lot of tranquility
so far ................
only thing here is , that i can help ya on,, is with the frog problem,, i recommend a shotgun
with small pellet,,or salt
in large doses of targetpractice
,,and that'll take care of the noise problem..........

or else ecologically with large bird nests,, for flocks of birds to make dinner out of them

sheesh i wish i had your problems.=z=

Sounds like you guys have settled in nicely :-)

SW, are you still checking this blog for comments or thinking about giving us an update? You still have fans out here! I found you through Kassandra and thought I'd say 'hi.'

When I have a bit more time, I'll look through your archive because I have a feeling we have much in common.

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