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Sunday, October 09, 2005 

My Dog Made Me Do It

My partner in crime.

While taking my dog, Suzy for a walk this morning, I was verbally accosted by a man in a car.

I was surprised because he had chosen to yell at me and not the other pet owners. I think the digital camera around my neck advertised that I must have been some stupid foreigner in need of a good tongue thrashing. I've grown accustomed to this kind of behaviour from other drivers while I'm driving but not while I'm walking. Apparently, his problem was with my dog and my inability to obey the law. I had let her off the leash as we were about to walk in a neighbourhood park and he felt that it was a serious enough offence to bring his car to an abrupt halt to yell at me for disobeying the "No Dogs Allowed" sign. I backed up 3 paces and then I saw the sign. I told him he was right and instructed my son to put her back on the leash. As I turned my back on him to walk out of the park with her, I obviously didn't do it fast enough because he continued to berate me for my complete disregard of Greek laws. Only when I lost my temper with him did he drive away.

I expect this kind of reaction from Canadians who have approached me on the street to chastise me for wearing perfume or fur or smoking but it seemed rather hypocritical for a citizen in a country which prides itself on its ability to ignore laws. This man was no exception. He had committed several traffic violations in order to point out mine.

Let those without sin cast the first stone.

Awww, poor Suzy! I'm really good at ignoring people like that. But geez, you didn't go in the park with your dog after you noticed the sign! You have so much more patience than I do. =p

I'd have just told the guy where to go. I certainly wouldn't have put the dog back on the leash. Who the hell does he think he is? What a silly little man with no life?

But I'm kind of curious to your last statement? Canadians tell each other off in the street for smoking? Or for wearing perfume? What possible problem could they have with these two activities?

As for the wearing of fur, how can Canadians have problems with this? Their number one sport is clubbing baby seals to death isn't it? That's what I learnt from South Park. Obviously thats inbetween attacking members of the Baldwin family obviously. You really can't expect them to do two things at once.

The funny thing is Mel..I have no patience whatsoever but I figured he was right...no dogs were allowed in there so I can't very well be yelling at everyone else when they don't heed stop signs, speed limits etc. What made me have a fit was the fact that he wouldn't shut up about it and before I knew it out came "as to dialo" and "poso malakas na eisai..."followed by God knows what else. lol

And yes Ellas...I've been told off by a woman in an office building about my perfume...everyone and their grandmother seems to have environmental illness in Canada and the perfume bothers them. I've been told that my fur trimmed coat was offensive and I ought to be ashamed of myself. My friend had just finished her smoke break outside (in -22c cold) when a passerby sniffed the air and said "someone's been smoking out here!" LOL There's no end to it. Canadians know every single by-law, municipal law, provincial and federal law and all the fines and punishment that go along with them. It's crazy. We don't need police there...we have each other.

I think you need to tell all this to Niko, do you know he's planning to move there!!!!!!

I can't believe they'd do something like that. I'm sure I'd end up in a fight for sure. E.g: The person who told you that your coat offended them. Your reply should be "well your face offendes me but I'm too much of a lady to tell you" (remember they're strangers, they don't know better).

And if the temperatures really are -22oC (and I'm sure they are cos they don't call you lot blue noses for nothing), then I'd be the first one to be wearing the entire polar bear, not just enough to make the trimming! I'm sure they'd make sure it died of natural causes. Maybe from breathing in someones perfume! Ahahaha!

Oh that is funny, a Greek telling you to abide by the rules. We all know that for traffic there are no laws, only suggestions!

I remember being in a bank in Ilioupoli (suburb outside Athens) where everyone was ignoring the no smoking signs. Everyone there knew that my brother and I were laughing about that, so they put their ashtrays where we could not see them (but still could see the smoke rising).

Here's the classic one. My mother asked a taxi driver what was the speed limit on a road they were traveling. He turned around with this perplexed expression on his face and asked, "Why? Do you live abroad?"


Similar as me. I was in a cab once and instinctively put my seatbelt on. The driver asked me if I live abroad. A few months after I entered a cab in the UK and didn't fasten my seatbelt. The driver saw me and asked me to fasten it.

I believe cab drivers in Greece will be offended if you fasten your seatbelt because they take it that you don't trust their driving! Some things will not change. Not ever.

I was walking in a park here in Canada with my dog (a lovable fat black lab who thinks the world is his friend) and this woman recoiled in fear at the sight of him. Her companion yelled at me "Put your *&^% on a leash you *#&#&#". I yelled back, "Put your mother on a leash. She's frightening my dog." (My dog wasn't even anywhere near her.) Pissed me off.

On the subject of "environmental allergies". I had this one employee once who told me I couldn't wear ANYTHING with scent because she had an "environmental allergy". I told her that I refused to stop using shampoo, lotion, perfume, hair care products, etc. to accommodate her allergy. She then started wearing a MASK to work and sitting in the corners during meetings. Finally, I told her she needed to go on disability if her "allergy" was that bad. Funny thing though...she never wore that mask when she went clubbing.

(By the way...it was me...HRH Queen Bee who posted that last comment about the "environmental allergies")


I would have told him. Oh I'm sorry but since I live in Greece I was just going with the flow and you people don't follow any laws so I wanted to fit in.

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