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Monday, April 10, 2006 

The Pot Sues the Kettle

Convicted of bribery, former judge, Evangelos Kalousis is suing the Greek state for 3 million euros.

Already convicted for demanding a 50 million drachma (146,735€) to return a favourable decision in the case of a man on trial for narcotics charges, he claims that his own trial was fixed and based on lies and libel. I guess he would know. The 3 million euro lawsuit is to compensate him for loss of salary and pension because his life now is totally destroyed.

The sheer audacity of this man amazes me. Talk about your frivolous lawsuits. This morally bankrupt bottom feeder puts a price tag on justice and then cries 'foul' when he's been held accountable for his actions. The People of Greece should be filing a class action lawsuit against him for his personal involvement in sabotaging the Greek justice system.

Some people's children.

Class action suit....
When there is not a repectable ruling establishment Golem robots like this infrahuman will swarm around.
This man ought to feel the strong hand of the law, that is presupposing that there is a strong hand to dispense it.

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