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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 

And What Colour is the Sky in Your World, Dimitri?

As if we didn't need further proof that lunatics are running the asylum, Greek health minister, Dimitris Avramopoulos, comments on the HIV tainted blood which was given to a 17 year-old girl and 76 year-old man last year.

“Greek citizens must feel safe, particularly ones who need fresh, clean blood,” he said.

I'd really like to meet the people who would need stale, dirty blood. And I thought only George W. was capable of such inanities. The statement would have made much more sense had he omitted the words 'fresh' and 'clean'. It goes without saying that if someone needs blood, it most definitely ought to be the fresh and clean variety.

Opening his mouth wider to accommodate both feet, Avramopoulos then insisted this should not be allowed to happen in a country as organized as Greece. Now I'm wondering if he's even living in the same country as the rest of us. Greece organized? Did pigs start flying and no one told me?

I think that most of us have given up every hope of this shithole of a country ever becoming a true European state.

Very quietly, devious diva says "the thing that shocked me most about this story was not that "HIV tainted blood" was mixed up,(this happens and it's terrible and shouldn't happen) but that the main headlines were that bad MUSLIM blood was used. DD said very, very quietly.

phantasmak...good to see you here again! Every now again, I see some evidence that Greece is progressing into a modernized state...although ever so slowly. But usually that evidence is overwhelmed by political in-fighting, strikes, bureacracy and one scandal after another that it's very easy to miss it if you're not looking. Most of the time I just feel the improvements are too little, too late though.

diva...I never heard about 'muslim tainted blood' but then again, I don't really watch Alter or Channel 9 news either. Again, it just goes to show that it's easier to scapegoat than to be held accountable. I really can't say I'm surprised to hear that...disappointed, but not surprised.

It was all over the morning news especially Star. By the afternoon/evening the focus had changed I must admit but I was really pi**ed off by the hysteria about it being muslim blood rather than about how any blood with HIV could have been used.

There's a lot of fear and worry being whipped up over the mosque issue again too. I think we will be seeing more of this over the coming months.

zardoz says :

now hold on their ladies
i didnt hear about muslim
probably missed it.

But its true , they shouldnt use
muslim blood , i hear its green,

why in gods name , dont we
shoot people who think
this shit up,

or at least lobotomize
and send em off to
an island , sheesh


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