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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

The beginning of 40 years together.

40 years ago today, a man whose lifelong dream was to either sail around the world or live in the Canadian arctic and win the Iditarod married a woman whose lifelong dream was to have a luau in Hawaii. Despite their obvious difference in travel plans, they managed to make their marriage work over the next four decades. The one thing they did have in common was their devotion to each other and to their four daughters.

I was lucky enough to be one of those daughters and even though I can’t be with them to celebrate such this momentous occasion with them, I want to let them know a few things of what their marriage has taught me:

That marriage is about love, respect, commitment and compromise. You set such a good example for me that for the first time in my life, I actually see the importance of the last point…compromise. I’m not good at it yet but because of you, at least I’m trying now.

That when you have kids, sacrifices need to be made to ensure that we were all well-fed, clothed and educated. Now that I have a child of my own, I really do understand just how much you did sacrifice for us to pay for the music lessons, the yearly vacations, and so much more for not one, but FOUR children. You both gave so much of your free time (not to mention the financial sacrifices) to watch us perform in concerts, on baseball teams and never missing one parent-teacher meeting.

That being a wife doesn’t have to mean I have to lose my independence. It means by choosing the right husband, I have a partner in life, not a master.

That my own marriage doesn’t have to be one that ends up in divorce just because the statistics are stacked against me. Because of you, I have proof that marriages can stand the test of time if we make the right choice of spouse and we want it to work.

Just two more things...
Dad, if you’re reading this, I want to let you know that I forgive you for punishing me when your eldest daughter broke the maracas over my head when I was 3. And yes, I can remember that far back. You don't forget traumas like that easily.

Mom, I forgive you for ratting me out to Dad when I broke the glass in the dining room door with a baseball when I was 6.

So, with that out of the way, I want to wish you both a VERY HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY!! As parents, I couldn’t have picked a better pair if I had been given the opportunity to do so!

Well before I start my ramble, let me wish Happy Anniversary to your parents! However, when you say forty years. The first thing that sprang to my mind was "how many life sentences is that?". They'd have served the time and been scot free years ago.

I heard a speech at a wedding I went to recently where the groom talked about his parents wedding photo and how he always looked at it when he was a kid and now on the occaision of his wedding day, he hopes that his own wedding photo will be stood in his lounge for the same amount of time that his parents has.

I think I know what he means, the fact that two people can stay together for this amount of time without killing each other is testimony to the fact that there is such a thing as a soulmate and life partner.

Congratulations. My own are going to be 9 shy of that this year.

That's a beautiful tribute :)

Well that was a lovely tribute witchy poo! The parents will be most proud. (Great photo. Where'd ya snitch it from? LOL) I would also like to inform your fellow bloggers that I do not recall ANY incident involving maracas. I remember injuries sustained during an unfortunate untethering of a rope swing. However, if I cop to causing the rope swing splat and your black eye...you must take responsibility for:
- a see-saw imbroglio which left me gasping for air
- a fork stabbing which left the youngest sibling psychologically scarred and scared to death of cutlery to this day. (Why else do you think she eats with spoons only?? LOL)

The poor parents. A marriage is hard enough without having to keep the kids from trying to kill each other. They did an outstanding job and they're just as cute today as they were in the back seat of the car on their wedding day.

It's too bad you and the third sibling couldn't have been here to celebrate with us. The youngest sister and I were the belles of the ball. (A rare occurrence for her...but I'm used to it...since I'm the most favoured child of the parental units. Shut up. You know it's true.)

One more thing...did you notice that "John's Lunch" is in the background of that photo? It's still there today.

Oh yes...speaking of food...we had quite the feed last night. Yum yum yummy. Dad didn't talk too much...it would have meant putting down his fork. LOL

I'll email you photos of the soiree shortly. Don't you DARE post ANY of them. I WILL sue for copyright infringement. Swear to God I will.

Lovely. Happy Anniversary to your parents. Mine celebrated their 46th this year and are still going strong.

Thanks everyone for all your kind wishes! I'm sure my father is reading them as well so thanks for taking the time to post them.

ellas...I used to think marriage was a life sentence too. All I ever saw in the marriages I knew was women rushing home to cook for men, clean up after the family and not do anything 'fun'. But then, (to quote my father) I 'screwed my head on right', found a good man and got married myself. In order to find the life partner, you have to choose the right one...not just anyone who happens to come along and if you have nothing better to do for the day, you get married.

eff...Amazing isn't it that your parents are closing in on their 40th too. Makes me wonder what's wrong with our generation where half the marriages end in divorce. Sad, really.

traveller...Thanks. Tributes are easy when you write them about people you love.

Bee...I'm happy that you liked the tribute but you had to bring up the origin of the photo didn't you? I took it from the parents' wedding album when I left. Call it theft if you want but did they even realize it was missing till now??? LOL I put it in a frame where everyone can see it instead of sealed up in a box in the bookcase.
Now, as for the rest of your points. I have not forgiven you for pushing the rope swing after I told you it was going to break. AND for dragging me home after I was knocked unconscious by your reckless endangerment of my visage.I had WAY more than a black eye and you know it. Maybe on your 40th anniversary I might forgive you for the maracas incident and the rope swing.
The see-saw was an unfortunate mishap I'll admit. But it pales in comparison to the rope swing incident.
I did not stab the youngest sibling with a fork. I hit on the head with it and I was duly punished for it. So I've served my time, there's no need for you to dredge up the past like this but since you did, I felt obligated to set the record straight to prevent any more slander of my character on my blog. LOLOL
I really wished I could have made it back to celebrate with you all. I felt bad that I couldn't but I'll see you all soon enough in two months at which point I will shatter your misguided belief about you being the favourite of the parental units. I happen to know they love me more because I can steal their wedding pics and get away with it. hehehe

christina...Your parents are closing in on their 50th! Incredible. As an ex-pat yourself, how do you handle being away from them on family celebration days? 8 years into my exile here, I'm still having a hard time with that aspect of expat life.

Well I think that's wonderful comment SeaWitch, you 'screwed your head on right', and were lucky enough to find a Greek man to get married too. You struck gold there now didn't you :-)

Now I am concerned by the not to subtle references to childhood trauma. I think when the SeaWitch gets back to Canada, maybe you should all book in for some family therapy and face your deamons! LOL!

zardoz says:

VERY SWEET..............


Happy Anniversary to your parents and wishing them another 40 years together!

Happy Anniversary to your parents!!! (ok, so I'm late with the wishes but still)

It is so nice to hear of parents who have actually stayed married these days. When I was in high school most of my peer's parents were divorced. I began to feel like the odd family out. My parents are just 3 years shy of their 40th too. Of course, I will still maintain that I don't see how my dad put up with my mom all that time. But these are the things they teach us about marriage. It isn't disposable.

Here's to 40 more for your parents, and 40+ for all of us!

PS. What a cute damn picture, too!

Better late than never I guess? What a wonderful tribute to your parents. Mine are just past the 40 year mark too.Congratulations to all those people who love and respect each other enough to be together that long. I hope I get there too.

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