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Friday, April 28, 2006 

Easter in Keratea

A view from the top veranda of my friend's beautiful home in Keratea. The mountain on the other side of the bay is where they imprisoned the communists after the war. A prominent Greek businessman who was imprisoned there bought a villa further down the road in the pic. I've been told that he bought it because he could always be reminded of the time he spent there.
The view from the front terrace of my friend's house. I was sitting in the left chair till I decided it would make a better picture than a comfortable seat.

I just love these windows with the wrought iron grilles. The cats still get through this one though.

The front courtyard of my friend's house. The little octagon building next to the car was built by her father as a games room. We've played ping pong, billiards, and one of my favourite card games...Biriba. It's a bit like Gin Rummy but better.

This picture was taken at the foot of Agios Giorgios church on Anastasi night...the night before Christ rose from the dead. All those little lights you see are the candles (lambadas) lit from the Holy Flame and are held by the people as they walk back down the hill. It really is so beautiful to see it. So many candles from the plain white ones to ones festively decorated in everything from Spongebob to Cinderella for the kids and artistically decorated ones for the adults. My son's had a sort of tie-dyed look to his green candle. I have to hand it to him...he actually managed to keep it lit during the long walk back to the car. As soon as midnight came, celebratory fireworks went off everywhere...much to the annoyance of the dogs...and one actually caught on fire at the top of the hill next to the Church. Thankfully, they managed to put it out because I don't see how the fire department could have ever got to it on time with the crowds choking the only road up there.

This is a view of the back courtyard of the house. THIS is the Greece I love. The beautiful whitewashed houses decorated in the traditional Greek style. The small villages put eyesores like Athens to shame.

Isn't it weird- I'm reading your blog at the same time you're reading mine??

You have totally missed the point of posting pictures of Greek Easter and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

You've gone out taking pictures of nice things when we all know that the kinda pictures you should be displaying are pictures of the Lucky Lamb and Gary Goat going round and round on the spit. You know... something to traumatize the veggies!!

Just joking! This is a great blog post!

Yes, this is the Greece I love too. Although I tell you, after spending some time walking around Thessaloniki I'm liking it more and more! They planned the central area nicely, plenty of space, unlike crammed up Athens.

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