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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Blogosphere Gems

Treasure Hunting in Blogland

Last year, when I finally got fed up from posting in other people's forums and writing my opinions to newspapers and magazines, I decided to put all that effort into my own blog. Since joining the blogosphere, I've had the opportunity to read, literally, hundreds of other blogs as well and I can't say I'm really too impressed with the content of what I read. The grammar alone is enough to give me a headache. Bad designs with overuse of avatars, emoticons and internet speak force me to just click out instead of scrolling down. Even if the blog isn't a visual assault and the writing actually comprehendible, the topics are not. Dont' get me wrong...I love animals, babies and shopping too but I just don't feel the need to devote years worth of blogging to the topics. Because I'm interested in social observations, current events and politics, I tend to focus my attention more on those sites. And towards that end, I want to share some of my favourite blogs with you. These are the blogs I read every single day since I discovered them and I'm listing them in no particular order. I felt it was high time that I give credit where credit is due since I don't have such a fancy blog myself with links, blogrolls, stats counters. So, here we go.

Phylax--I really can't remember how I found his blog but I'm glad I did. I really enjoy his political commentaries and social observations. His blogs are succinct, well-written and to the point. He is also devoted to updating it daily which is a definite plus and something I don't even do myself. When it comes to Greek news, check his site first and then you will probably trash your ERT link (which I never should have bookmarked in the first place but that's a 'whole other show') like I did.

Mel's Diner--An ex-pat like myself, Melusina is a displaced Nashville girl married to her Greek husband living in Thessaloniki. She has the enviable ability to blog both serious and humourous topics...often within minutes of each other! Her choice of topics and candid writing style keep me interested and coming back for more. Through her eyes, I'm taken back to the first couple of years I landed in Greece myself and I'd wish I'd found out about her blog 8 years ago, my culture shock wouldn't have been so shocking. LOL Once you read several of her blogs, check out her comments sections too where you'll find some insightful remarks from her husband, Thanos, as well.

DeviousDiva--I found Diva's blog off a link from Mel's Diner. Imagine that, two blog gems in one day! Diva devotes her blog to a cause after my own heart...xenophobia and human rights abuses in Greece. The blogosphere (and the world, in general) definitely needs more bloggers like her who actually try to do something with their blogs other than as a place to store flower pics. She's got one trait that I am really trying to work on myself...diplomacy. Read some of the vitriolic comments others have posted on her blog and you'll see what I mean. When she says she wants to start a dialogue about human rights abuses, she means it. If I ever get down off my own soapbox, I could definitely could learn a thing or two from her.

EllasDevil--I've known EllasDevil online for several years now and was very happy to see him start his own blog. He's got the gift of the gab and is more than capable of tackling tougher blogs like this one that I couldn't stay calm enough to type. His style is frank, often humourous and seems like he's quite the social butterfly. If you're lucky enough to get him to read your blog, you'll love his contributions to your comments section. The only downside to his blog is that he's even worse than I am for updating it.

One of these fine days, I'll actually figure out how to add links and buttons to my blog without vaporizing my entire site and then I can permanently add them. But until that day arrives, this little acknowledgement will have to suffice.

Thank you so much SeaWitch. That really means such a lot to me. I set out with very clear goals, so to see that I am maybe achieving some of them is very heartening thing indeed. It can be a lonely thing this blogoshere, but knowing there are supporters out there makes it easier to carry on.
Thanks again
Devious Diva

I have had you and Ellas linked through my blog for a while. Hopefully these other blogs' respective owners, and you and Ellas, will not mind my adding them, too. I shall do that shortly.

And that's been taken care of.

I have mixed views on current events. I am always doubtful of the completeness of any story, and usually cannot dedicate the time to keep up with them, though I know they can be the most interesting and relevant of blog types. For the most part, I refrain from posting about them.

My own style is kind of odd.
I ramble on the strenth of arguments; logic; ethics; and whatever else. In other words, my blog is just nutty but strangely logical, as Father Chaos put it to me.

There are so many blogs. I find it much easier to not go exploring but to instead let myself come across blogs of people I know from somewhere else. It is limiting, but more practical. Besides, I do not look at blogs as a resource and collection of must reads for truth so much as entertainment and a way to better delve into the opinions of people I know. In them, we are given a much better chance to expand on ideas we could not in other venues. I like that.

SeaWitch, thanks! I really do enjoy your perspective on Hellas... and I must say you are very brave choosing this country over Canada...

Well I was very nearly going to give you a ten out of ten for this posting however even though your words are great. You've made a mistake.... yup... you!

If you run your mouse over 'EllasDevil', the link points you to Devious Diva's site so for that reason your only getting a 8,5 out of ten.

Personally I'm totally getting more and more into this whole blogging thing we all go going. I'm not finding time to update mine because I'm spending to much time reading other people's. I personally blame Mel (a la Mel's Diner) for this as she keeps adding new links. On top of spending my time reading about people who've moved to Ghana. She's now added a Greek blog written by Buffalo Bill. So that's keeping me busy too.

But seriously, each blog offers me something different. Diva's site makes me think about things I'd totally not noticed before (a recent post was an interesting four part story about kids who are sent to work). Mel's Diner makes me smile, I love reading her perspectives on Greece. I think we take so much of this madness for normal, it's nice when someone actually points out there is another way. Even though I don't agree with all posts she makes (e.g. is midnight too early for the 'adult' movies to be shown on Filmnet?), she's got a great writing style that makes me come back for more.

As for your own blog, you're a great source of information. I learn more about the economy from you than I do from any other source and also thanks to yourself, I now know who's responsible for everything from the crucifixion onwards. Her name is Gianna Aggelopoulou Daskalaki. You also blog the more light hearted topics about the idio... I mean customers who come into DVD rental establishments (and it worried me because I identified myself as that kind of customer) and if you really want to laugh. I always link back to this post that SeaWitch did almost a year. Copy and paste the below link to your browser...


Oh, also I've now added Ted & Eff to my reading list so you'll probably find my comments (that as you've come to realize, look more like 3000 word essays) on your blog in the future. I'm also gonna add you to my links.

Ellas...what can I say??? It seems I'm even having problems linking the easy stuff let alone the sidebars. LOL I'm really sorry for that and I've fixed the link.

Eff...Ellas has offered to help me to get my links going on my blog because the last two times I tried, my blog ended up wayyyyyyyy>>>>> over there and the links appeared like snowflakes all over my site. HTML frightens me. I will definitely link to your blog the second Ellas can do it for me. :-)

Thanks for the laudatory comments, SeaWitch! All of the blogs you mentioned are on my daily strolls as well.

I've gotten so much out of the blogosphere, especially sharing experiences with ex-pats, it has been a blessing in counteracting my loneliness and homesickness (thanks to Nashville blogs as well).

And well-written blogs, well, they ARE hard to come by. I only have one link that is totally gratituous, because he is a real life friend, even though his blog really sucks, haha! Most other blogs I link to I find to be interesting and well-written, if I don't always agree with their subject matter. But then again, that is what is great about the world of blogging. It is so nice that so many real people have interesting things to say.

Hey Seawitch! Love your name. I like your site and I also like all the other sites you suggested! I'm an expat living in Greece too. I also have a new blog and no one to read it. I hope it's not rude of me to post the address. Let's say my blog isn't political but it might make you laugh. www.evangelias.blogspot.com. Filakia!

My blog is ending. I shall be deleting it by the 20th. I suggest removing it from your links list. Thank you.

Sea, it's up and there's a direct link in the post. Mention it where you feel appropriate. I explained in Diva's Tech Help comments why I am not being very proactive on this. I am mentioning this here, in fact, because I hope it's within the subject of the post.

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