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Monday, August 08, 2005 

In the Beginning...I Had My Doubts

Adam and Eve, Domenichino

For several months now, I haven't been able to get rid of a nagging question in my head. If Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth as Christianity, Judaism and even Islam would have us believe, what language, if any did they speak? The answer to this question is of major importance to me because it may discredit the accuracy of the Bible itself. If religious scholars believe Adam and Eve spoke and wrote in a Semitic language then this completely contradicts the evidence that archaeologists, historians, linguists and anthropologists have found...namely, that the Sumerians were the first people with a written language.

Many theologians, both Christian and Jewish believe that Adam and Eve were created about 4000BC and that they spoke and wrote in Hebrew or Aramaic. This is an amazing coincidence since this also happens to coincide with the time that the creation of the first written language by the Sumerians happened. ..around 3500BC or earlier.

So, if actual historical evidence proves that Sumerian writing predates Hebrew and Aramaic, then Adam and Eve could not have been the first people on the earth if they spoke Hebrew or Aramaic which weren't created until 1700BC.

I bought the book "Guns, Germs and Steel: A short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years" in the hope that it might provide me with an answer that all my internet research could not. Although it's a really interesting read and full of archaelogical facts , it did not include comparative biblical history to the scientific claims. This didn't come as a surprise since the author, Jared Diamond is a scientist first and foremost with a degree in physiology and just as skilled in evolutionary biology and ecology. But he does agree with the rest of his peers in one regard...that Sumerian was the first written language created by humans.

It is still my theory that Adam and Eve could not have been the first humans on earth based on the simple fact that Eve had instructed her children to write what they had learned and since the Bible scholars say that they spoke Hebrew/Aramaic, then Adam and Eve's existence pre-dated the existence of the language they spoke and wrote. Just the fact that Greek and other cultures' mythological stories mirror many of the same stories before Christianity displaced them is enough reason for me to doubt the accuracy of the Bible as the only source for man's history.