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Sunday, June 19, 2005 

Desperate Househusbands

Are you a wife who finds herself always complaining about the thankless task of housework? Do you wish you had just a little bit more help around the house from your spouse? Well, I have the answer for you. Move to Spain.

Yes, that's right ladies. A new law to be passed this summer in Spain will require all newlywed husbands to share 50% of the household chores and the care of family members.

It's common knowledge that wives, around the world, do more than their fair share of housework but is a law really necessary to get men to help out? Although it's admirable that MPs recognize how much work working wives do around the house after they leave their full time jobs, I really don't see how a law will have any effect on the husbands' contribution to the housework.

How will the state actually enforce the law? How do you prove that your husband is not doing 50% of the housework...do you take a picture of him napping on the sofa? What if the woman doesn't even have a job, is it right for her to expect her husband who works full time to clean the house, iron the clothes and cook the meals?

I believe the answer is not to be found in a law but in women's choice of spouses. If you've already chosen your spouse and he still won't help around the house then you can do what I did...hire a maid and make him pay for her out of his salary to fulfill his household obligations. If husbands complain about it (like mine did in the beginning) then you can justify the expense using the following explanation: If men expect women to take care of typically "female" chores ...chefs, housemaids and interior decorators, then women have the right to expect men to be able to handle typically male chores...car maintenance, plumbing and electrical work inside the house without calling a plumber, mechanic or electrician every time the dishwasher breaks down, the car needs an oil change or a light fixture needs replacement. If your husband doesn't do all or any of these functions then he has no right to deny you the services of housemaid.

Still don't think you can get your husband to help you without a law? Then all I can offer you are my condolences.

The Spanish are going mad I fear! This law is crazy, what really made me laugh was the example of poor Santi, the guy having to learn how to do domestic chores before getting married this fall otherwise he'd be pretty much taken to the cleaners in the divorce settlement if he didn't. I think the story also makes a valid point about how upbringing plays a major role in men and womens attitude towards housework. I'm going to expose myself to a telling off now by admitting that I have never in my 24 years on this earth, ironed. I don't really know why except to say it's never been something I've needed to do. My mom actually used to joke about it and say things like "what are you going to do when I'm dead?" to which I'd always reply "well get married of course!". Although I have made a note to myself to say don't get a Spanish wife! Although in my defense, I want to point out that I know people and have friends who have ironed, so I'm totally down to earth! As for your point about hiring a maid, I 'suppose' if you say your reasoning/justification over and over then before long you will start to believe it to be logical. My first thought was however: "poor guy, he works hard all day to keep you in the lifestyle to which you've become accustomed and you wont raise a finger in case you break a nail. Tut tut tut! You are not ashamed?"

I'm even tempted to say women have it too easy these days! I blame the sufragettes myself! Should have left that silly woman chained to the railings! (PS: I'm er... joking...ish)

Haha that is one of the most stupid laws I have ever seen. It is one of those laws that do gooders make up so that they can tell other people, how to live their lives, it's a control thing. Best thing the Spanish can do is ignore it, however I would not recommend marriage as some more of those control freaks the lawyers will be getting their claws into your life. Perhaps they should pass laws that make men pass a bowling bowl everytime their wife has a baby.

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