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Monday, November 15, 2004 

SeaWitch's 10 Most Wanted List

The following list of people need to do themselves and the rest of the world a favour by resigning from their positions of power before they find themselves outside the political sandbox with no one to play with except other criminal and useless public deviants.

King Mswati III of Swaziland
Reason: For spending too much time asking for things he really doesn't need and not asking for the things his people really need. (asking Parliament for $45 million to get himself a new presidential jet when 1/4 of his population need food aid; asking for $15 million dollars to build palaces for his 11--yes, you read that right..E-L-E-V-E-N...wives while 1/3 of his population is HIV positive)

President Umar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir of Sudan
Reason: For single-handedly managing to destroy his country in a decade. For allowing his government sponsored thugs, the Janjaweed to systematically rape thousands of women and murder thousands of men and children so he can keep the word "president' on his dirty little business cards.

Former President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia
Reason: For instigating an ethnic cleansing campaign against muslims in Europe's backyard and for wasting over two years of taxpayers money and time on the Hague tribunal while he's on trial for his atrocities. Just own up to your horrid past, Slobo, and take responsibility for what you've done you miserable little despot.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe
Reason: For seizing white-owned farmlands and setting in motion his country's spiralling decline into starvation and economic misery.

President George W. Bush of the United States of America
Reason: For resorting to lies to wage war on a nation (at least the OTHER George admitted to chopping down the cherry tree) without fully thinking of the repurcussions nor having any viable restructuring plan. For promoting, playing with and capitalizing on the fear of his people to get himself re-elected. For not knowing that "Mexican" is not a language.

President Jacques Chirac of France
Reason: For being the very definition of hypocrisy. For exploding nuclear bombs and then claiming to be an environmentalist. For accusing the US of acting unilaterally and being warmongers while at the same time being Saddam's best friend helping him to build a nuclear reactor and supplying him with French weapons. For trying to bully the EUs accession candidates into agreeing with him regarding the US by threatening to block their accession.

Queen Elizabeth II of England
Reason: For still being a queen in a democratic country. For serving no other purpose other than to supply tabloids with scandal fodder for their cannons. For always being the worst-dressed person in England. For getting away with the scam of having the English people pay for her lifestyle and that of her royal litter of offspring.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy
Reason: For not knowing how to behave himself on the global stage of politics. (His EU presidency was marred by racist and sexist comments...who can forget his comparison of a German EU member to a capo in a Nazi camp?) For receiving a PhD in Hypocrisy from the Chirac School for Hypocrites by claiming to fight corruption yet at the same time rewriting laws to keep himself from being charged with corruption and bribery.

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus
Reason: For being a former chairman of the anti-corruption committe and then holding elections which were criticized by observers as being fraudulent, unfree and unfair. For getting his country on the 2003 list of "10 of the Worst Places to be a Journalist" by suppressing free speech, muzzling independent media and forcing them in many cases to shut down or move abroad. He has also been accused of being involved in too many deaths of members of the opposition and media. Where there's smoke, there's fire, Alexander.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel
Reason: For allowing the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Lebanon to be murdered on his watch in 1982. For knowingly instigating the recent spate of violence against Israel by his visit to the al Aqsa mosque in 2000 and then promising to deliver peace and security...neither of which he has achieved since the intifada of 2000. Instead, it has escalated. Now that his arch nemesis, Arafat, has died, will this bull in a china shop finally be corralled?

Nice list, One could, one would suppose, go on forever with just such a list. I would of course prefer that George W. Bush not be on the list. I have a theory re: his lying (stretching, manipulating) to acomplish his goal of a change of administration in Iraq. I think he knew it needed to be done, and, well, quite frankly, if he had said,,"Hey, lets do this because we need to have a go at having a democratic form of government in the Middle East, And we have this Iraq on the ropes and can do it if we just have the will." Wouldn't have gone over very well. I hasten to add, that I would have supported him on this basis. I remember 9/11 as if it were yesterday, and to this day, find I am often right on the emotional edge. One of the reasons I recall so vividly is the fact that there were those in America and without, who couldn't justify such an attack, yet they seemed able to find some thread of justification, I mean after all just look at how things are in the Middle east,,, and somehow that justifies the hatred of America by "those poor people". I think that in the not to distant future, Iraq will have a democratic government (Nope it won't look like America) but it could and I think should stand as a beacon of hope for all the middle easterners. Then Perhaps, they will be able to fashion a governance that will allow them to once again shine, as they did 1000 years ago. We shall see.

I understand exactly how you feel Norm about the emotions you still have over 9-11. Every time I see it mentioned in the news, I still feel the same sadness I felt when I watched it happened but I just wish Bush had been honest about what he wanted to do from the start. He just shot himself in the foot when none of his reasons for the war panned out. He botched it up royally. I really did believe his administration had some sort of viable restructuring plan for post-war Iraq. I think the Iraqis deserve much better than what they've had for the past 20 years and more. I'm not quite so sure they'll trust the American installed president...they'll just see the new administration as America's dog & pony show. I'm glad that you didn't write about Iraqis deserving this war. You're heart is in the right place...I just wish Bush's brain was in the right place too.

I can't agree with you in regards to the Queen. I don't think any parent can take all the blame for what their children do, also I should add, Princess Ann is the hardest working person in the royal family.

As far as the Queen being the worst dressed person in the world, she isn't a model, and we all how our own standards of dress. Is it really important anyway?

The Royal family bring a lot of tourism to Britain. When the Queen was crowned, she promised to serve her country all her life, and it would appear she will do so. Bye the way, she does now pay taxes.

Seawitch. I'm sorry. I know we share identical DNA but I must agree with Nellie. I think the Queen of England is not only the ceremonial figurehead of Britain...but she is also a symbol of civility in this oh, so uncivilized world. She may not be a "must have" in a democracy...but she is definitely a "nice to have". Queen Lillibet has served her country well...as did the Queen Mum. Her Royal Dowdiness has served with decorum and consistency. She's like the touchstone of tradition. As long as the Queen is around, I feel the world is going to plod along despite the chaos that swirls around it. Long live the Queen. Viva La Reine!(I just hope her sense of duty and propriety is genetic.)

HRH Queen Bee

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