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Wednesday, November 03, 2004 


I've had enough. Enough lies. Enough hypocrisy. Enough greediness. Enough injustice. Enough racism. Enough whining.

It's time for me to try to do something about it. For over 10 years, I've scoured the remotest parts of the web to try to find out more about the world in which I live. The world that governments and media would rather give to me in palatable doses seasoned with plenty of spin so that the end result resembles nothing more than a diluted version of a half truth. I've written the letters to newspapers and magazines.I've called the tv and radio talk shows to give my opinion but it wasn't enough to satisfy my need to effect some sort of change.

Maybe now with this blog, I can reach more people. I welcome any serious, intelligent comments or astute observations regarding any of the above topics from anyone who happens to read my epistles.

I just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on some prescient posts,,, and as an added extra, I would like point you in the direction of "Foreign Affairs" a publication by the Council on foreign relations (I think) as a source which doesn't pander to the lowest in us all..I'm certain it's available there,,and effective this month it's also available in full text version on line,,,www.foreignaffairs.org,, You will find it kinda Americentric,,but not entirely ,,Anyway, You are off to a good start

Well I've been an avid reader of your site for all of 72 hours now. I've even already made a post in the beggars thread (I'll let you guess which one was me). So it's great that you 'quote' welcome any serious, intelligent comments or astute observations 'unquote' but you made the mistake of telling me about this place so I'll be posting my comments too! Seriously though, I'm finding what your writing very interesting, keep 'em coming!

The media, the politicians and yet this blog also is another attempt to divert people's minds from the really important issues of our lives suchs as:

Have the alliens already invaded us and are already into politics? Maybe even as governors of California or even as USA's presidents?

The giant octapus and the giant squid have been found to be real! We found their dead bodies! The goverments knew all about it but hid it from the public and the insurance agencies every time one of those giants sunk a ship, blamed it on human negligence!

If the universe is dark and the black holes are black, how do we know about their existence?

If the atom consists of 99% empty space, and we are consisted of atoms, then we are 99% EMPTY! Scary or what?

There are more really important issues that need to be adressed, yet seawitch is another victim of the politicians, trying to reveal all the so called universal conspiracies, broadcasted like a riddle for kids by them. BTW Elvis is alive but IRS was hunting him down and he had to lay low for a while...there is clear evidence and perfect explanation for everything people.

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